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Positive Psychology. A Tiny Engine.

Positive psychology is a relatively new area of science yet it shows an incredible amount of promise.
Each positive thought is like a very tiny engine and that engine can start other engines. The goal is noticing this part of yourself and using it to better your life.
My class teaches participants to notice, appreciate and create many more positives by taking small steps that will help them be more motivated, energetic, creative and have a much better self-esteem.
One tiny thought at a time.

PTSD: From the Inside Looking Out.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a life changer. This is not only a psychological diagnoses but a physical one too. It has been proven in detailed brain scans that the brain of someone with PTSD is physically different from a person who does not have it. Living with it requires a multitude of coping skills in many areas and constant work for the survivor.
This class aims to give participants an idea of what it actually feels like to live with PTSD. It is an inside view that few people get to experience. Valuable information for anyone that deals with the PTSD population. 

TRauma – A Brain Injury.

PTSD is a real brain injury. There is a great deal of overlap between people who suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and PTSD.
The physical workings of the PTSD brain are explained rather easily but this knowledge will forever change how the participants see those diagnosed with it.
Since knowledge is power, a deeper understanding is paramount to helping survivors heal and their families to understand what their loved one is dealing with on a daily basis.

Dissociative Identity Disorder. A Blow or a Blessing?

Dissociative Identity Disorder is likely the most misunderstood, controversial, and sensationalized mental health disorders of our time. Some people “believe in it” while others do not. 
I live with this diagnoses and although I’ve only known for 2 years, it has always been there. I just thought I was going crazy. Quite literally.
Since then I have developed quite a good way of coping with what I call my Helpers.
The diagnoses is a harsh one and there are many difficulties associated to having this but there are also some amazing positives that I would have never even realized until I did a lot of hard work on my recovery.

Participants of this class will leave with a far broader and more compassionate view of this disorder which I believe will change the way people view it forever.

Body Scanning 101

Body scanning is a very valuable tool that can allow participants to express themselves in a way that can be much more eye-opening than words alone. Using various materials, participants will be encouraged to create a visual picture of themselves and then if comfortable, share this within the group.
For professionals, this experience can show them another way to gain a deeper knowledge of their clients/patients that talk therapy alone often fails to reach.


Mindfulness has been around for centuries but it’s benefits were largely ignored by many societies. Now this practice has been proven to increase concentration, balance the sense of well-being, reduce stress, and so much more.
Mindfulness is about being in the here and now. 
There are many ways to practice mindfulness and participants will leave with plenty of options that can work for them. This will help them be more productive and focused at whatever they choose to undertake.


Meditation varies from mindfulness by quite a bit. While mindfulness focuses and helps pay better attention to yourself and also what is around you, meditation is a deeply personal experience.
This class has 3 sections to it which will introduce different types of meditations as well as troubleshooting for people who “just can’t do it”. They can. It is just about finding the right way that works for them personally.
Participants can be expected to leave this class feeling renewed, less stressed and very able to reproduce these benefits themselves long after the class is over.

Fake It Until You Become It!

Stuck? Don’t have what it takes to give that presentation, meet new people with confidence, get over a fear that you know is “silly”?
There is no need to deal with any of these things or anything else that you would like to change any longer.
By using a few (possibly new) life skills and learning a trick or two, participants will have what they need to conquer anything they put their mind to.

Suicide. Let’s Just Talk About It.

Suicide is a topic near to my heart. I lost my 3 sisters and very nearly myself to this terrible disease. One of the hardest things for any suicidal person to find is non-judgmental support. It is very natural to have a strong reaction to this subject matter and that is okay. Good even. Yet by exposing suicidality from the inside, I hope to help explain how the mind ends up there rather than how to notice it is already there. Early detection is key. No different from any other disease.

Addictions and Their Link to Trauma.

 There is a very clear link between addictions and trauma. The way that an addiction works in the trauma population is different from other segments of society. We get addicted far faster, far deeper, and it is far more difficult to deal. Understanding the actual physical (neurological) reasons why this issue is different helps create an understanding as to why we make the choices that we do. Taking the information learned here and sharing it with those who suffer creates a safer, non-judgmental way of addressing this issue with a far better outcome.


4 responses to “Classes Available

  1. I would love to take one of your classes. My trauma started in childhood. The abuse was anything and everything imaginable.
    It ranged from emotional to ritualistic.


  2. Are you the Heather Eisenhooth who raises birds as pets for people with PTSD ? I have a friend here in Augusta, GA whose grandson has PTSD because he was badly beaten. He’s not a vet, so doesn’t qualify for a free service dog. It will cost them $10,000 to get one for him and his mom is a single. (No support from the father.) Just wondering if a duck might help him. Saw the article on FB about the little girl with the duck, Snowflake.

    Pam Lien


    • Hi Pam.
      I am sorry but I am not “that” Heather. I am not a vet either and I am trying to raise the $16,000 I need for a service dog myself.
      Sorry I can not be of more help.


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