Daily Archives: May 7, 2016

Mother’s Day

This is a tough evening for me. “Mother’s Day Eve”.
Sadly, I know I am not alone so I wanted to send out an article written for Psychology Today that just might help.

“When Mothers Day Hurts”

And another.

“Not All Mothers Are Loving and Kind”

My heart goes out to each of you who feel this pain and absolutely breaks to know so many have suffered.

I also want to mention ALL mothers.
Perhaps you are a Mother yourself.
You might have been a Mother but lost your child.
Sadly there are also many who strive to become Mothers and just can’t.
Then there are those who choose not to become Mothers for all the right reasons. Kudos to you too!
And to Mothers who gave the biggest gift to a loving family through adoption or surrogacy.
Then there are those who are in mourning for the Mother they lost.
The foster children, the ones that fell through the cracks…
For those who had children but feel like it all got messed up even though you tried your very best.
And Mothers who are mentally ill. What a HUGE extra challenge.
Let’s not forget the pet Moms. You crazy creatures. 🙂
And to anyone who I have forgotten…
Do something special for yourself tomorrow and celebrate you just being the woman who you are. Sorry to the men, I’ll get to you on Fathers Day. 🙂

And to my children wherever they may roam, I love you more than you could ever imagine.

Hugs to you all!!!