A Tree

I moved 32 times (at least) before the age of 30.
Most people realize that moving that often can not be much fun but there is more to it than that. There are obvious disadvantages like always dealing with new schools, new friends, new rules, new people…

Then there are less obvious things that I have only really started to enjoy since I have lived in this house now for over 13 years.
When we moved here, we had only one healthy tree on the lot and it was at the side of the house that has no windows. We never see it. Since moving here we have over 25 tress planted and doing very well. Likely more but it is early spring and that was my rough count. πŸ™‚
There is this one special tree and this is its short story…

We live in a rural area and our ditches are often filled with wildflowers and small trees. When they get too large, the transportation department will scoop it all out like it is garbage. For this reason, I have become somewhat of a tree saver and I go and dig some of the healthiest looking small trees out of the ditch and plant them in my yard to save them and to also enjoy them.

Many of these trees are now large enough for small birds to build nests or hide in, one is even producing really nice apples. I love them all.
There is one special tree though.
I spotted it in a ditch the first year that we lived here and my husband said it was beautiful but its roots were firmly gnarled up with large rocks and would be impossible to dig up without ruining the roots. I let it go but was disappointed as it was just so full and so beautiful even at 2-3 feet tall.
One day soon after, I saw my husband walking down the road towards the house with a shovel in one hand and my tree in the other! I was so, so, so pleased. We decided to plant it in the very centre of our front yard and we were so happy with this tiny fledgling tree. Sadly it had a horrible first year and looked almost dead but its second year proved that this little tree wanted to stay.

I am short (5’1″) but this tress was far shorter. I could not hang anything in it due to how small it was… but it began to grow.
A few years later it started to produce dogberries.
Not long after that we hung some small lights on it.
Eventually it was large enough to hang Christmas decorations off of.
These past few years it has been more than large enough to house 5 birdhouses and several bird-feeders.
I have some big plans for that tree this year with even more birdhouses and feeders.
Right now it is all still bald as spring is not even close to arriving in Newfoundland yet but I have been looking at my tree a lot lately.

When you move more than once a year and you never stay in one area, you never get to see a tree grow. A small tree is a small tree and a big tree is a big tree. You never see it any other way.
You certainly never see a tree go from a ditch to nearly dead in your yard, short and spindly to tall and beautiful.
I have now done that and it has been amazing.

I have watched trees grow, wildflowers take over a huge area, wild blueberry and strawberries start to appear, apples begin to form then get large enough to eat (in 4 bites). It feels amazing to be able to look at those apples and know that as each year passes, those apples will continue to get larger and I see a pie in my near future. Like 2 or 3 years “near” but I will still be here watching that tree grow.

Trees, berries, wildflowers and apples are not the only things that I have watched grow. I have watched relationships bloom, I’ve gotten to know every bend in the roads, I’ve made friends, gotten closer to my husband’s family, watched my children grow from little children in to young adults, and I’ve watched my own life ebb and flow within these walls. I am a part of a community now and people know me. I can not go to the mall without many hellos and even a few chats.

Just like my sweet tree, I have developed deeper roots as each year has passed.

This email feels a bit selfish and all about me but I wonder if perhaps it makes you look out at your yard and look at the gift of watching a tree grow just a bit differently? We are so fortunate to get to watch seasons change and feel that we have roots. It does not matter if you have a house or an apartment, maybe only a room but if you get to put roots down, it is a great gift.

It is just nice to start this new week with a sprinkling of gratefulness. Right?

Have a wonderful week and I will see you on Wednesday. πŸ™‚


4 responses to “A Tree

  1. Watching a tree grow from a sapling is a joy l will never tire of. Many people just don’t realise how important trees are to this planet – they provide heat, food, furniture, homes – and are the lungs of the Earth – so well done for rescuing your beautiful Dogberry. I have been very fortunate to have been able to plant trees, shrubs and flowers in every home I’ve lived in – it’s a wonderful feeling watching them (hopefully! ) flourish. Like many things in life, the more time, effort and love you put into in to it, the greater the rewards.
    Hoping Spring reaches you soon Heather! πŸ’š


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