Some meaningful quotes.

I’ve been having a rough week and do not feel like writing much of a blog today. Normally I push myself more than this but this week is not like the others. It is in these times that I enjoy reading meaningful quotes more than ever so I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you. I hope they will help you as well. ❤
1 3 8 19 20 21 Buried Dalai1 Dogs Forgive Forgiveness. HH Marcus Meaning of Life TA4


See you all on Monday! Have a fantastic weekend.

3 responses to “Some meaningful quotes.

  1. Wow i actually came across that same picture and quote with the hamsa a couple of days ago! Love it. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling down; i can relate. Been a tough few weeks, for reasons i will write about soon, but don’t feel like i can just yet. I wish i could post a couple of my favorite quotes lately but i haven’t figured out a way to post pictures in replies. Maybe I’ll try to do that tomorrow on my own blog. Have seen some good ones lately. … including these 🙂


  2. I copied out the Scribbles and Crumbs quote on grief for a friend who lost her son to a car accident. I hope she will feel understood and less alone when I give it to her.


  3. Love these 💗


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