A special love.

So, I should have sat down and wrote this yesterday or the day before because I knew how busy today would be… but I didn’t. And now I am so busy fussing over my new baby… fur baby… that I am not going to make this one very long. 😉

Here is my new fur baby. His name is Tonka (yes, like the bulldozers) and he is 6 weeks old today. He was born on my birthday and he is already 8 pounds. He is going to be a big boy. 🙂DSCN2845

We also have his aunt. She (Piper) is 16 months old and her brother “Bear” fathered Tonka. He looks so much like Piper, it is not at all difficult to see that they are related. Even the tongues both hang out slightly to the left.


So… 12 hours ago I was terrified and hardly excited about going to get him because my mind was telling me that Piper might not like him…


Or he wouldn’t take to me…


Thankfully all is well and he is just perfect in every way. He will always be perfect even when he isn’t… because we love him already.

I know that so many of you have dogs, cats, birds, lizards, fish, and I can’t even imagine what else but I know that you are in love as well. A special love that exists only between a pet and their owner(s).

I am certain most of you know this but they say that people who own pets are healthier, less stressed, less depressed, feel less lonely, and a whole slew of terrific benefits.   I know that in my life, it was a dog who saved my life. Literally.

I had this dog named Beanie Baby. A chubby beagle with big brown eyes. Beanie loved me as much as I loved her and when I was away, she’d wait at the top of the stairs for me to return. I used to work thousands of kilometers away for many months at a time and that dog needed to Skype with me daily just so that she would eat and drink.
When things were at their very worst and in my opinion, everyone would have been so much better off without me, that dog made me stay. I knew she would never understand and she’d wait at the top of those stairs while refusing to eat or drink until grief took her.

It sounds all wrong to me now because I know how devastated my friends and family would have been but at the time I couldn’t see that. My heart and mind told me I would be doing them a favour.
The dog however, would never understand and I could not do that to her. This is my sweet Beanie in her favourite place. The car.


Beanie Baby has been gone now for 7 months and her loss is still heartbreaking for me. I can not even look at pictures of her yet. I think that is why thinking about this new puppy was so hard. How could I love any dog like I loved Beanie?
Well… I can’t. It will never be the same but that is a good thing. Tonka will be his own kind of dog and I will love him for that.

And Molly “Dolly”. The dog that we had before Piper. My husband and Molly were deeply in love just as I was with Beanie. We were very blessed to have them both for the years that we did.


So to all those pets out there. Whether furry, finned, scaled or feathered…
Thank you for being in our lives.
Thank you for loving us like no one else can.
Thank you for enriching our lives and on occasion, even saving one.

Happy Monday everyone! Back to my 2 fur babies.

13 responses to “A special love.

  1. Well said Heather! I grew up on a farm so animals and pets have always been a huge part of my life. Since moving to a town nearly 30 years ago I’ve always had cats; every one has been different and I can’t imagine life without them. They have literally saved my sanity on many occasions. They are family. 💗


  2. Oh Heather, congratulations on your new furbaby! Tonka is adorable. Thank you for sharing your story about Beanie Baby. I feel the same way about my dogs and cats. I know 100% for sure that I am still alive because of them. As you say, even though I do know that friends and family would have been devastated, somehow it was the love / trust / need of my pets that kept me going. I cannot ever hurt or abandon them.

    May you and Tonka and the rest of your pack have many happy, healthy years together. Give that adorable baby a little kiss on his snout from me!


    • Thank you so much. He’s precious.
      I appreciate your telling me how you relate. I think antidepressants need to start coming with a warning. This pill is not as effective if not taken with a pet nearby. 😉 No?

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      • I agree! Sometimes when I’m really stressed, I just need to bury my face in a dog’s neck and breathe them in. It’s fast, effective, free, and also benefits the dog, haha!

        Please keep the puppy pictures coming. 🙂


  3. Amazing story….I believe dogs give people the will to go on, you are the proof of that!


  4. Your so lucky having wee fur babies, What great photos, I miss my wee Molly she was my spoilt baby, I would come in and hear smell and feel her, her way of letting me know she’s fine in spirit I work about 50 to 57 hours a week so don’t have time for another fur baby yet. But someday I’ll move get a campervan and have 2 wee travel dogs.


  5. Oh, what sweet, happy photos of your fur family. Enjoy all the puppy love.


  6. what kinda dog is tonka? i bet he’s beautiful wish I could see him! I love my Nitro my world is better because he is in it. XX


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