For the hard days.

This recovery thing is for the birds! Just sayin’.
Not every day, or all the time, or even most of the time once you start getting good help. For me, today is a good day. (PHEW!)
I sure know what the rough ones feel like though! Everything is going along swimmingly and then CRASH. I am sure you’ve experienced those? A death, a setback, a slip in recovery, some arsehole saying something mean or unkind, feeling particularly alone, being triggered, feeling ill, being in pain, special occasions that are hard on you… the list is endless. There is a lot that can take you down a peg or ten.

So what on earth do we do on those days? How do we find solace? It is not always possible to have others who can or will pick us back up every single time so what can we do for ourselves?
I saw this picture a year ago or so and I think it sums up what we can do in a great way.

Fat1We can try!

We can accept whatever limitations that we may have and your list is likely very different from this man. It may not be a physical journey that you are on. It very well may be a mental health journey and that is why you read this blog. No matter what the issues are, you can just try. Even a tiny, weak try is better than no try at all. A failed try is better than no try at all too.

Every day is filled with its own set of hurdles and a new set of stairs. Jump this, climb that, we are always being challenged. Many of us have MANY challenges. Personally I am trying to lose weight, organize my home, deal with somewhat recent losses, I have 2 painful physical issues and then there is my mind. Chaos lately. There is more but I don’t want you to see how crazy busy I keep myself. 😉
So what do I do?
I try to eat better and move more.
I clean a room or even a spot at a time.
I accept loss is a part of life and try to live with it.
I go to the doctor.
I visit my therapist.
I do not do any of these things perfectly. Not even close. I make progress then I slip backwards. I just try again.

What do you do?
Do you try?
If you do, give yourself some credit. I know (have known) people who do NOTHING to help themselves. I mean nothing. They do not lift a finger. Ever.
I am not trying to demean anyone dealing with a serious depression or other issue here but for those that could do more and just do not bother to try? I wish a better life for them.

So just try.
Take a small step.
Keep a tiny promise.
Do something just a wee bit out of your comfort zone.
Just a little piece of anything is a great start!


3 responses to “For the hard days.

  1. We get an “A” for effort. Its been a long time since I got one of those, and I am going to give myself one today!


  2. No it isn’t easy but we try. 🙂


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