Today’s prescription.

Hello everyone! Today I am taking out my prescription pad and writing us all a script for better mental health. If you are relatively stable (in your opinion)? Read this and practice it once a day. If you  are on shaky ground, twice. If things are crashing down around you? Practice it constantly until you feel yourself rising above the fog. 🙂
Best if taken with a lot of water.

  • Prioritize. You can not do everything. No one can.
  • Ask for help when you need it and if you get ignored? Raise a stink. Freak out if you must.
  • Slow down. (I need this advice.)
  • Treat your mental health like you do your physical health. It is just as important. It may be even more important at times. It is often not as easy to fix if left too long.
  • Confide in trustworthy people. If you aren’t sure? Listen to your gut.
  • Put down your phone and really connect with people. Texting I ❤ U! is NOT the same as saying it to someones face. A texted Hugz” are not the same either.
  • Pursue a hobby. Collect rocks if you wish unless you live where I do. They call it “The Rock” so if you collect them? Oh how weird are you??? Collect sea glass instead. 😉
  • Move your body more. Do a little dance down the hallway, get up from the computer every half hour to do something around the house, go for a walk…
  • Clear out your physical clutter. Being surrounded by stuff is often overwhelming.
  • Clear out your emotional clutter as well. Make the phone calls that need to be made, fill out the paperwork you’ve been avoiding, go talk to the doctor about your latest blood work,  deal with strained relationships… I am certain these things all weigh more when trapped in your mind.
  • Write down your successes (no matter how big or small they are). You will not remember all you have achieved so write it down and savour your list especially when you feel like crap.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Try to remember that no one learns much when they succeed. We all learn so much more from failures and misguided steps. Eventually one day they all lead to a success. One you can write down on your accomplishment list.
  • Appreciate what you have. A few years ago we had a huge ice storm and couldn’t get water from our well for many days. This also means no water to flush the toilet…. Running water is now a bigger deal to me. Appreciate the little stuff.
  • Anticipate joy. Go to a friends with good possibilities in your mind and it is more likely to be a good visit. Take a black cloud with you and it will be hard to find the sun.
  • Create. It doesn’t matter what it is. A painting, a sandcastle, a really long play doh snake (who never did those?), a drawing, a dress, a poem… just create.
  • Laugh often. If you just don’t feel like laughing? Watch kittens or babies on YouTube. Did you know there is a guy on YouTube that does nothing but talk about… oh dear… I can not admit to watching him…  It never takes long before I have a smile on my face at least while I am watching them.
  • Make new friends. I find that friends often come in cycles. You may always have one, two or a few that stick around forever but that is not everyone so constantly meet new people whenever you can.
  • Savour good memories. It really helps if you write them down.
  • Make rest a priority. (Oh dear… I have homework to do!)
  • Make fun a priority too. Why should kids have all the fun? I remember going out for supper and my friends and I asked for the colouring page and crayons that they give kids. What a hoot. The server thought we were crazy… and our actions confirmed it… but we had a blast. And just so you know? There is NOTHING wrong with owning a green dog. Seriously people…
  • Say “no” when you need to.I know it is hard but to say “no” won’t be the death of you or them. Well… unless its a kidney but that’s different.
  • Do not compare yourself with others. And a special note here? NEVER compare your insides to their outsides. Most people are faking it just like we can and that perfect life with the perfect spouse and the nice car may be covering up some really hard times.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. Do something that is just a tad uncomfortable as often as possible. Stretch yourself to try and learn new things.
  • Embrace your mistakes. They do not define you. I am very fond of telling people that I make amazing mistakes. I really do! I try hard, I set my sights high and I often go crashing down the other side and land in a heap of “I should have’s” but. I am also really well known for congratulating myself on my awesome mistake and tell others I will make an even better mistake next time. I laugh. They laugh. I am human and so is everyone else around me. That is true for you too.
  • Do your best to be truly present. When you are with a friend? Be with your friend. Not texting another friend, making a shopping list in your head or anything else. Just be there.
  • Get outside once in awhile. Air is good for you. Sun is good for you. Bugs are horrible. Go back inside. Just kidding. Bring a flyswatter! Sorry Buddha.

And the biggest 2 in my opinion?

  • Treat yourself with kindness. You know how you do not demean, belittle or be rude to your friends or even strangers on the street? Well stop doing it to yourself.
  • Cut yourself some slack. There is no perfect person out there and quite frankly, the ones that think they are? OH MY GAWD how annoying!!!! Just be you. I promise “just you” is awesomely good enough.


6 responses to “Today’s prescription.

  1. So many great ideas — I’ve chosen one — I am going to dance down the hall and everywhere. Maybe to the tune of “Let’s Dance” by the late, great David Bowie.


  2. Dancing Butterfly

    I loved this.
    Thank you Heather. A good prescription. And ditto on the not doing too much..
    And I loved the part about how awesome we already are.


  3. what awesome advice thanks for sharing it i tweeted it! XX


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