The surprising science of happiness.

I need to confess something here.
I am seriously addicted to “Ted Talks”. Especially the ones that have anything at all to do with health and wellness.
Well… my addiction was in full swing last week because I was wrapping a lot of little gifts and while doing that, I had Ted Talks on my computer.
They almost always interest me but every once in awhile, I hear one that just makes me reel backwards a bit. This one did. I actually listened to it twice to decide what to write here. In the end I just couldn’t whittle it down enough for a blog so rather than writing a blog today? I will share the video. It will really make you look at your life and decision making in a new way. A way that will make you happier. 🙂

4 responses to “The surprising science of happiness.

  1. Dancing butterfly.

    Wild. That was great. Thanks heather.


  2. That was awesome! I retweeted it. Thanks for sharing. XX


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