Not yet.

Hello all. Happy Monday. πŸ™‚
If that sentence made you grumpy, go have another coffee. I’ll wait. πŸ˜‰

I was watching a Ted Talk one day last week that I will share a link to at the end of this blog. Like most of my blogs, I was struck by one sentence and that sentence was a short one. “Not yet.”

The talk was about the power that we have when we believe that we can improve and her first example was a high school where student who did not pass a course were not given a failing grade but rather a “Not Yet”.
The idea behind this is that a fail can lead to a very negative view of yourself and failure tends to breed more failure.
By saying “Not Yet”, these student are given the message that they are on a learning curve and have not mastered the things that they needed to master to move forward. “Not Yet” gives them a more positive view. You have not moved on because you are still learning these concepts. When you learn them, you will move on.

It is what the speaker referred to as a “growth mindset” and while she studied 10 year olds, I felt that this way of thinking could help us all. Most certainly myself included.
There are things that I simply can not do and I have shoved them in to a back drawer in my mind and forgotten about them except for the times that someone asks me to do any of these things. I need to go take that failure out of a drawer, fail again and pretty much prove how stupid I am.
Now don’t you go scolding me for speaking harshly to myself unless you never do it. Anyone??? πŸ˜‰

What if I looked at something I have not been able to do yet, perhaps try again or file it away but when asked to bring it out again, I will simply say I have not mastered that task yet? Just in writing that, I suddenly feel more empowered by it. I do not fail, I have not failed, I am not stupid nor was I stupid in the past. I just haven’t mastered that task yet. The possibility of eventually figuring it out is there for me now rather than stored in my tooΒ  large “FAIL” drawer.

Rather than me continuing to explain this theory, I am going to post the excellent video and I hope you’ll have time to watch it.
What a great way to start this fresh new week! πŸ™‚

One response to “Not yet.

  1. Love it! Looking forward to moving things out of the Fail Draw to the Yet Draw.


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