You know how it is said that nobody is perfect?
To some degree I agree but this is where I do not.

If you are sitting here reading this right now, you have survived 100% of every bad day you’ve ever had.

If you have been bullied? You have made it through it 100% of the time. That does not mean there are no scars but give yourself credit for making it through.

If you’ve ever been suicidal, somehow you’ve survived 100% of the time and you are still here hanging on. You impress me! I impress myself. I don’t know how on earth I hung on and I am sure you wonder about yourself at times too but so far? We have a 100% survival rate!

If you’ve ever gotten to the end of the money LONG before the end of the month? You made it through. I am sure it wasn’t easy but somehow you did it and if necessary? You will do it again because you are perfect. 100%.

If you’ve been harmed by another person or people, you have found the strength to go on. Maybe you are out of the situation, making a plan to get out or just trying to figure out how you can get free but we all deserve points for surviving this. 100% of the time.

Perhaps you have or had a low self-esteem and thought yourself unworthy? Somehow you’ve found enough worth in yourself to continue on. 100% of the time.

There are so many things that we humans go through. We deal with so much. We have good days and bad, we succeed and we struggle, we pass and we fail, we make good decision and bad ones… sometimes REALLY bad ones. But look! You’re still here.

In the end, we need to stop and give ourselves a pat on the back for being 100% successful each and every day. No matter what you’ve been through or what you have ahead of you, stop and take a look at your perfect record.

If you’ve been living at 100% this long? I have faith you will continue at 100% until you just wear your motor out from being so perfect your whole life.


2 responses to “100%

  1. What a positive way to view one’s life. This helps me see mine outside of an idealized box of perfection.


  2. This is true. We all are so very accomplished and successful, we just need to be reminded because we take it for granted. Thank you!


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