Your suitcase.

tumblr_inline_mp3nxasSBZ1qz4rgpA few years ago, I had a friend that struggled greatly with letting things go. I am happy to say that she’s worked VERY hard ever since and gotten very good at it.
In our conversation, I was trying to find a way to explain the concept of how we choose what we carry around with us. I came up with a suitcase.

Each of us has a suitcase. You can look at it as being your body, your mind, or visualize a real suitcase. Pink leopard skin print, Elvis, Def Leopard, whatever  you wish. 😉
We all have a suitcase and we take it along no matter where we go each day. We even take it to bed.

What you choose to pack in your suitcase will be the deciding factor for how your life will go. You can choose to fill it with other people’s crap, you can fill it with booze or junk food, you can pack insidious negativity in every tiny space you have left over. Many of us come with a suitcase that is already half filled with the words and actions of others. Half of that crap is labelled with words like “Loser”, “Idiot”, “Liar”, “Fat Cow”, “Useless”… Yuck!

I suggest that we all unpack our suitcases on a regular basis and make choices about what we choose to put back in. The rest of the stuff can sit on a closet shelf and when you are ready, you can trash it.

So what do we put in?
Pictures of our supporters. Whether that be family, friends, teachers, social workers… whomever you feel has a positive impact on your life.
Don’t forget your dogs, cats, birds, lizards, ant farms or pet rocks. If you love them? Add them.
Start listening to the nice things people say to you. We so often blow off the nice things as though they never existed then Crazy Glue the negative stuff to our foreheads. Take those nice little comments and pack those too. They don’t take up a lot of room so add as many as you can and keep adding!
I suggest a beautiful hand-carved box that can hold all your accomplishments. They do not always need to be big things to others but if they are big to you? Add them in. 🙂 There have been times when taking a shower was a monumental task and accomplishing that was big. There are other times when my accomplishments have been far bigger and brighter but they ALL count. Pay attention to what you do right and add that stuff to your beautiful box.
And beauty… you’ve got to add beauty. It is different for each one of us. Beauty to me is almost always nature. Spider webs christened with raindrops, incredible landscapes and tiny flowers. People’s eyes and their smiles are definitely photo worthy and would land in my suitcase as well. There is nothing more beautiful than a kind and loving set of eyes. Beauty to you may be race cars, vintage radios, rainbows, teacups or anything that just makes you happy to look at. Add lots of that.
Add some healthy snacks too. You’ll want to be able to stop and refuel your body at a moments notice. Choose something you love.
By the time that you are done, your suitcase should be absolutely packed to the brim with beauty, light and love. Thankfully all of these things are also very light. They are almost airy and you don’t even notice yourself dragging the suitcase around. It just sort of floats along behind you.

Sadly there is one caveat.
Similar to taking a child to a candy store and arriving at the checkout with many items you never chose, your suitcase will begin to feel heavier as time passes. When you plunk it on your bed and open it up, you will find that there are things in there you did not add and do not want. Fresh hurts, past demons, anger, resentment, fears, ugliness… you’ll find it hiding amongst all the beauty that you packed. Do not fret though. Suitcases can be unpacked and packed up again as many times as you need to. Every time you notice it getting a wee bit heavy, stop, unpack and repack.
It is 100% up to you what you choose to carry with you.

One of my favourite items to pack in all the side pockets to help prevent the negative from getting back in is kindness. It is as light as a feather and very, very small. Almost like glitter but far less messy. 😉
Kindness is a tricky little bugger though.
When you give kindness away you’d expect that you are losing something or going out of your way but kindness is so weird. For as much as you can give away, you get twice the amount back. It just feels so great so sprinkle that stuff everywhere!

Pick the suitcase of your choice and start packing. It is absolutely up to you each and every day what you want, wish and choose to bring with you. You hold all the power. Take advantage of that to the very best of your ability and have a beautiful week. ❤Steamline-Luggage-4

13 responses to “Your suitcase.

  1. What a beautiful analogy. An extremely valuable concept to remember. Thank you Heather. Xo


  2. What a great concept! I am going to check out what is in my suitcase today.

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  3. Also loved the part about the beauty of a kind and loving set of eyes — its so true.

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  5. What a great way to take note of what’s important in life!


  6. Some great insights there Heather…..Through my career I always said that I had to leave the “bag” of problems, bad thoughts, etc. outside the office door……and keep only the good thoughts in my head. Hard some days though…..


  7. Excellent read! Baggage can be either a burden or a help depending on what and how much you add to it. Thanks for putting it so beautifully!


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