It just struck me that “Peppermint” is a real theme in my life. I never realized that before. Is it fate? If you believe in fate?

Peppermint is my favourite scent and the only scent I have no reaction to. I was told it is a calming scent that also invigorates you. I use it to help me remain grounded and present in stressful situations.

Peppermint is also known to sooth your throat and your tummy when you are not feeling well and a piece of peppermint candy helps me more than any cough drop available. Try it sometime. 🙂

Recently a friend put a “Little Golden Book” on her Facebook page. “Pokey the Puppy” if I recall correctly. Do you remember those? How oldish young do you have to be to remember those?
My favourite book was about this kitten who feels very sad because she is pure white while all of her siblings have markings. She ends up falling in to a tub of blue dye, becomes a blue cat and wins the ribbon at the state fair for her good looks. For the life of me I could not recall the name of that book and I Googled a LOT of things before finding it.

What I do recall was safety. When that book was being read to me, I was with my grandmother in her spare room. The room had a big bed and a princess type headboard. The furniture looked so ornate at the time although I now realize everyone had the same furniture.  I just felt like the most spoilt princess when sleeping in that room. It was truly the only time in my childhood that I was safe. I only wish it had been far more often but I treasure each and every memory.

In the nightstand beside where I slept there was a drawer with special things for me. A flashlight in case I woke up at night (SO COOL!), some little knitted finger puppets (for a child with no toys this was like Christmas – so fun!) and a “Little Golden Book”.

My grandmother would climb in beside me, wrap me up in her arms and read to me. I could read the book myself from a very young age and I loved to read but when I was at Grandma’s house and it was bedtime? She needed to read to me. 🙂 It would be wonderful to have those moments back now but thank goodness for memories. She will always live in my heart.

I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I finally found the name of the book on Google…

There are times that life just all seems to be knit up together and this is one of those times for me. And don’t worry! Peppermint is happy at the end and no longer sad like she is on the cover. Just to assure you I spent another half an hour on Google Images looking for her pretty blue look. Okay… not just for you. For me too. 😉


Feel better now? I do!

Now that we are all happy, have a great week and I will see you again on Wednesday. 🙂

4 responses to “Peppermint

  1. So glad that you have some good memories of safety and love and a little cat named Peppermint.


  2. Aww I love this story! And, yes, I remember Little Golden Books 🙂


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