432 years old vs. 4 years old.

There is this battle within me.
The first half of it became obvious one morning when I was sitting in a greenhouse with a group of people and we were each asked how old we felt. The actual ages of the people in the room that day was 21 to 48 but the answers were very often in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s except for the 21 year old who felt that 40 was ancient. I was the last person in the room and I really didn’t want to answer the question. I felt my answer was honest yet weird and I was afraid of what the others would think. Go ahead and tell me how I shouldn’t care what others think. I do care and in my eyes it is not a negative. I care what they think but I do not allow them to affect my final decisions. Am I off the hook? :).
So… what do I do? Well, I do what I always do and be honest.
I clang the chiming bowl and build my bravery up a bit. I admit that I feel 432. Yes. Four hundred and thirty-two. There were a few giggles but then everyone sensed that I was not making light of the question and the person running the group looked at me and said “I see that in you.”
I guess a nice way to look at it is to say that I am an old soul? A really old soul? 😉

I feel 434 (two years have passed) because I feel like I have lived several lifetimes. I’ve experienced so much, done so much, lived so many places, been in so many odd situations, pushed myself to be successful in any area that I wish to be… Friends and the occasional professional who knows me well, understands this feeling I have and they tend to agree. I have lived many lifetimes already.

The other half of the battle is newer for me. The first time it was mentioned to me was by a special doctor whom I saw last year. In his words, I am intellectually very advanced but that emotionally, I am still very, very young. I could not really see what he meant but I am beginning to see more and more clearly that he is right in many ways.

Over the past few months I have been feeling things that I have never really felt as strongly. There are many times where I feel very young and very small. I feel unsure of how to act or what to do more from the eyes of a child than an adult. Situations that an adult would be totally comfortable doing are not as easy all of a sudden.  I believe that some of my child Helpers are feeling more comfortable and being willing to show themselves a bit more. I need to honour that.

While I can and will be an adult when it is socially acceptable or needed for any reason, I also feel the need to make some space for the children within me to experience a childhood. I experienced some aspects of childhood I am sure but I was being traumatized daily and therefore spent most of my childhood in a dissociated state. I also needed to stay smart, stay ahead of other people’s thoughts, needs and wishes in order to stay even the tiniest bit safe. That is not what childhood is about.

Some of this may repeat a bit with another post but that post was called a Dissociative Day. I just reread it (after writing this blog) and realized it must have still been a Dissociative Day when I wrote it. Oops. LOL Please forgive my accident repeats.

I’ve decided to start reaching out to my child Helpers more. I want to give them time to explore being a child. A hippo for Hannah was a good start. She chose the blue one rather than the pink. 🙂 She is soooooo happy with that hippo. It just feels like one part of my inner self is totally happy and relaxed at least for now. Perhaps this Christmas will bring Santa to our home even though my other children are all grown and gone. My Helper children never got to have a Christmas before and I want that for them. My husband won’t feel comfortable with that so we will do it on our own time and that is fine. My husband is AMAZING but even the most amazing person can have areas where they just do not feel okay about things. He’s had a few run ins with the children Helpers and they have been very traumatizing for them. He’s afraid to deal with them because of that. 

I’d love to hear what sorts of things you did as a child that you recall as good memories. A good list of things to experience would be a great start. 🙂 You’re always so helpful so I am sure I can count on you to help me out a bit here too right? 🙂

Have a great weekend and as I said in a blog not long ago, let your inner child out to play a bit. We ALL need that.



6 responses to “432 years old vs. 4 years old.

  1. Repeat as many times as needed to any of your childhood was like the beach or sea shells?


  2. Picture books were a great pleasure. Reading and rereading the same book (my go-to book was Fuzzypeg, the Hedgehog, Goes to School) was comforting. Also, games can be great fun with DID. Different alters can come out and play together.


  3. I go to Disneyland to feel youthful, even small county fairs help too.


  4. I let the kids blow bubbles, or finger paint, even just coloring is fun for them so we do that too. the xmas idea is a good one. X


  5. I’m having my first Christmas with my alters so this is helpful for me too. I’ve got some Star Wars stuff for my toddler, George. A remote control flying helicopter for my teen boys, Jonathon and Simon. Some magic painting stuff for a little girl, Penny. I’ve also got some plaster of Paris for papier mache, and candle making stuff as that seems to keep most of them happy and its very quiet inside and out while they are modeling. I’ve also got some silly little toys like puzzles, bubbles and mini trolls as stocking fillers for whoever enjoys them (just getting to know a few alters as only diagnosed this year) and also to give to outside friends as we all have a child in us and it means we get to play with others (even if we keep a lid on littlies being out).
    The boys got very excited when the helicopter arrived so I’m hoping they forget about it until Christmas day. I really need to get wrapping so the thigs are hidden from view. I’m excited about Christmas again for the first time in a few years.


    • I LOVE how you are honouring your alters. Is that your name for them? I want to be respectful.
      Please let me know how your Christmas goes. I hope it is a happy one. 🙂


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