200 posts and 16 years.

So… these two drunks walk in to a bar and one says to the other…
I actually can’t tell you what he said because some of his family reads this blog and would be very miffed at him.
This is actually the story of how my husband and I met. Romantic eh?
We were 2 drunks in a bar. He was rude, I thought he was an arsehole, we parted ways and assumed we’d never see each other again.
Fate had other plans.
I stopped drinking (17 years now), he cut WAYYYYYYY down, he was actually a really great guy under all that alcohol and I became smitten with him. That was almost 18 years ago now. 🙂
We’ve been married for 16 years today and we’ve weathered some huge storms. Serious illnesses, raising 3 children (not an easy job if you want to do it well), mental illness in our children as well as myself, deaths, constant money issues (never enough), my hospitalization, serious diagnoses for him… we are not still together because we’ve had it easy. We’ve weathered a lot and I am going to say it is safe to assume that most marriage go through life the same way. Up, down, up down, spiral twist, up. down…
But for all the ups and the downs, we are still together, still strong and still very much in love so guess our story goes like this…
2 drunks walk in to a bar and live happily ever after. ❤ ❤
Happy Anniversary to us!
I hope that your relationships offer you the same love, care and compassion.
If they don’t? I will point out that this is my second marriage for a good reason. 😉

And… drum roll please…

This is my 200th blog post!
Who knew I had that much to say?!?!

I want to thank every single reader who has been with me a week or more than a year for following along and making this endeavour such an enjoyable experience. I’ve made new friends, deepened understanding amongst others, I’ve felt supported and I’ve had the chance to support others. THANK YOU!!!!!!!



11 responses to “200 posts and 16 years.

  1. Michele Marckisotto

    Heather you are truly amazing. I just started following your posts.
    So much to say but at the moment I’m having difficulty articulating.

    Trust me, there will be more…




  2. Dancing Butterfly

    Happy Anniversary my friend. !!! xoxoxox

    Yes and congratulations on the 200 posting!


  3. Surely there will be a lot more of posts with useful advices and ideas for all of us with our issues. Keep on it!


  4. Happy Anniversary to you both. I love a story with a happy ending :). Also congratulations on your 200th blog post.– from one of your happy readers


  5. Congratulations, you’ve come so far. Keep doing whatever your doing. And thanks for sharing, it’s helping more than you could ever know.


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