Tangled Art – Fall Collection

Hello all! Happy Monday to each of you. I hope your week proves to be a good one.
My week is starting with a surgery that I didn’t know I needed until late last week so I have not had time to write a blog for today. I’ve decided to share my Tangled Art fall collection instead. 🙂 I had my very first craft show two days ago and will be having 9 more between  now and December 5th.
Let me know what you think. 🙂

8 - Letter to SantaLetter to Santa

5 - Christmas EveChristmas Eve

7 -Dragonfly DreamsDragonfly Dreams

12 - One Cup at a TimeOne Cup at a Time

16 - Whale of a TimeWhale of a Time

9 - Life is a TreasureLife is a Treasure

10 - Merry Christmas DuckyMerry Christmas Ducky

11 - Newfoundland DreamsNewfoundland Dreams

15 - Warmth of HomeWarmth of Home

14 - Tree of LifeTree of Life

13 - Tea for Twenty-oneTea for Twenty-one

7 -Dragonfly DreamsDragonfly Dreams

2 - Arc DelightArc Delight

3 - Autumn SunriseAutumn Sunrise

4 - Celtic OwlCeltic Owl

6 - Friendship is FreeFriendship is Free

1 - A Great Day on ClothesA Great Day on Clothes

2 responses to “Tangled Art – Fall Collection

  1. Your style is so unique. And now there are more to love!


  2. Hey Heather they all look great, I love Tea for twenty one the most then Tree of Life. Keep up the good art, look forward to seeing what others you come up with, they are all great. 😉 Good luck for the surgery, thinking of you.


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