Heather’s Tangled Art – Fall Collection

I’ve decided to do something fun and have a giveaway. I recently completed my fall collection of tangles and wanted to share them here first. 🙂

I will be giving away one signed, 8×10 print of your choice (worldwide shipping included). Each print will not have heathershelpers.org written on it. You can also choose from my earlier collections if you prefer. You can find them here. Heather’s Tangled Art

All you need to do is share this post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumbler to be entered. If you share it in more than one place, I will enter your name for each share. 🙂
The draw will be one week from today on September 9th.









10 responses to “Heather’s Tangled Art – Fall Collection

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  2. I have just started tangling and it’s still frustrating. But I’m getting there.


    • Just start very simple and do one pattern at a time. Don;t try blending them or making pictures at first. When you get more comfortable doing individual patters, you can work up from there. I hope it will become a relaxing hobby for you in time.


  3. Dancing butterfly

    So beautiful!!!! Xo


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