Self Care Checklist

Self care is a confusing beast to many of us.
Take this short “test” and see which side gets more check-marks from you.
Self Care1

If you have several check-marks on the left, those behaviours are actually harmful to you. The right hand column is filled with healthier behaviours. This check-list alone gives you several ideas on how to improve your self-care but I also have an acronym that I like to use to try to remind myself of some nice things to do for myself to make my days happier and healthier.

S – Snuggle
Snuggle up to your favourite human or fur baby. Being close to someone else release oxytocin. The love hormone. Hugs from friends count too! 🙂

E – Eat
Eat foods that nourish you. Notice what fuels your body and your mind.

L – Look
Look at something beautiful. Nature is filled with beauty but if you are not close to nature (or just hate the mosquitos), you can look at a picture or an image that makes you smile and feel good for a minute or so.

F – Fun
My favourite!  Have fun! Watch a funny movie, find funny clips on YouTube (seriously – who doesn’t love funny animal videos?), find jokes online (Aunty Acid is my fave). Laughing and smiling produce endorphins  which make you happy and often cause you to be nicer to yourself.

C – Confidence
Create confident thoughts with affirmations. Say them and read them to yourself. Put them in your phone or on your mirror. The things you say to yourself today will become who you are tomorrow.

A – Art
Allow yourself time to enjoy some good music, have fun singing around the house or karaoke for you brave souls, dance like no one is watching (they are too worried about what they look like to be watching you), paint, sew, quilt, write, draw, colour. The choices are endless. This time while you are creating is medicine for your mind. It is really hard not to just lose yourself when you create. The stresses of the world melt away.

R. – Read
Read a blog or a book that inspires you or that you look forward to.

E – Enjoy
Enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee, watch birds at the feeder, take time to look at a garden, just take a moment to really breathe. Become more mindful of things throughout your day.

Today is the day to take care of YOU. 🙂
Well… every day is. At least a portion of it.

A few links to help with a couple of letters.

L – Look. Beautiful photography.

F – Fun

Aunty Acid

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