I don’t use many of my poems on this blog but this one is in my heart today. I hope it touches your heart as well. ❤ Have a great weekend all!


Courage is not only for the brave.
It lies within each of us.
You can use its strength and power
In times of crisis, fear, and indecision.

Courage is not confusing or beyond your reach.
It is something you can use at any time.
You can let it bring you to new paths.
And make you more mindful and attentive to your life.

Courage does not need to shout to be heard.
It does not mean that you are totally fearless of feel indestructible.
It could mean taking risks or taking a stand.
Standing up for yourself and standing by your choices.
And sticking to your dreams even when others mock you.

Courage can be the will to live… even when it would be easier to die.
In spite of your fears, reservations, phobias, frustrations,
mistakes, failures, and fears of what others will say.
In spite of everything that stands in your way between you and your thoughts and your dreams.

Courage could mean admitting that you are sorry or wrong.
Starting again and again and again when you fail.
Following your dreams even when others discourage you.
Listening to your heart and following your own intuition.
Saying I love you even when your love is angry.
And staying true to yourself even when others think you should act or feel another way.

Stay dedicated to your dreams and faithful to your heart.
Stay committed to yourself.
Courage will not walk out on you.
But rather follow you.
Wherever you choose to go.


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