You Have the Power

 At any given moment, you have the power to say, “This is not how the story is going to end”!

I love this quote. It has saved me from certain insanity on more days than one.  Just when things look like they can not ever possibly work out, get better or that I can find another day of strength to deal with it all? I read this quote and remind myself that I have the power to change the ending of my own story.

My family expected me to fail.
My mother took all the wind from my sails.
I was handed a rather rotten set of cards in the game of my life…
But that is not how my story is going to end.

When you look at your life and any of the stressors that you face, do you feel like folding or fighting?
If you get knocked backwards more steps than you made it forwards so far, do you struggle to your feet and soldier on?
When someone is mean to you, do you take it very personally and allow it to sit in your soul or do you remind yourself that THEY are the one with the issues?
On those days where you don’t even think you can get out of bed. Do you?
When life gets to be far too hard to handle, do you handle it anyways? If you are reading this today? You have so far!

Life can be so incredibly painful at times. It can hurt to even breathe. Just choosing to live one more day can be the most difficult decision of you’ll ever face. There will be battles, misunderstandings, sadness, illnesses, grief, heartbreak, and people will let you down. In those moments, making the decision that your story is not going to end that way can take lion sized courage.

Here’s the truth of it all though.
The most painful days can lead to big  breakthroughs.
Choosing to live just one more day proves just how strong you really are.
Misunderstandings can be worked out in time.
Sadness exists in my opinion to help you more fully enjoy the happiness you will find within other days.
Illness forces us to be incredibly grateful for the health we do have or had.
Grief reminds us that each day is special and we must always remember to show those who we love, just how important they are to us.
Heartbreak is horrible but it doesn’t prevent the world from spinning. Eventually healing finds us all.
People will let us down, make us feel less important or not important at all. We do have every right to walk away from those people and look for others who raise you up rather than tear you down. When you find those other people, you will be so incredibly grateful for them and they for you because you will never do to them what was done to you.

You get to choose how your story ends.
Choose wisely. 🙂


2 responses to “You Have the Power

  1. I love this quote Heather. I’m not usually a “quote” person, mostly because I can never remember them, but this one I shall. It says it all. Thank you my friend. Cwtches.x


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