InspireOkay, I know. Easier said than done right?
Annoying people are just so easy to spot and really hard to ignore.
I am so happy that I do not know anyone like that. Noooo……. 😉

Finding people to inspire us seems like a tall order. At least for me it always did. I guess when I think “Who inspires me?”, I look to the top of the charts. Martin Luther King Jr., The Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, and many others. Each of them are someone I never had the pleasure to meet yet knowing what they have done for the world is enough to make them a part of my life.

That said, what if we all looked a little closer to home?
Could we get inspired by a teacher who gives their all to his/her students?
A mother who is really firm yet kind with her children?
That snowplow driver who is out in the very worst of weather so you can get to work safely?
A father that volunteers to coach a sports team?
The hard-working cashier at a very busy gas station who always greets you with a smile?
A child who is kind to others?
That musician who loves music so much that they are willing to stand outside and play for loose change rather than give up their dreams?
A friend whom sticks with you even when they know things about you that others may judge you for?
Someone who smiles and offers you a kind word when you are obviously having a hard day?
A blogger who writes something that touches your heart or makes you feel understood?
The therapists, nurses, doctors, and other support workers that really DO give a crap about their clients/patients?
The bikers that form a respectful barrier between a soldiers grieving family and the protesters who want to use that moment to protest the war.
People who protest the wars and remind us all that a democracy means that we all get to decide what we think for ourselves. Whether you are for or against anything in this world, at least we have a choice.
A man or woman (such as my husband) who raises children that are not biologically his but treats them like they are and works his arse off to support them?
The Christians who protected the Muslims so they could have safe prayer, then the Muslims who protected the Jews to do the same thing.
That child who despite their challenges (ANY type of challenge), shows up at school every day with their homework done?
A husband or a wife that sticks by their partners side through all the challenges of life. You know, the ones the vows are made of? Sickness, health, richer, poorer, better or worse…. Sometimes it isn’t easy at all.
People whom volunteer their time and energy to others even though in all truthfulness, THEY could use a volunteer of their own?
Do not allow me to forget the pets that love us at our most unlovable, even if we ignore them at times?

The most wonderful thing about today’s blog is that I could go on, and on, and on. I could sit here and write out another hundred examples of every day people just like you and I who are giving something to this world each and every day.

Hey wait! Did you read that right? I said “people just like you and I”. Did you catch that? 😉

I dearly appreciate the efforts of people who give their heart and their soul to huge projects of kindness that make the evening news or get their name in to every home but we can’t all be one of them. Maya Angelou, my most favourite speaker can never be replaced in any way, shape, or form yet I can use her words to make others feel better on a dark day even though she has left this world.
Martin Luther King Jr. is also long gone but I can use his words and news clips to remind myself that we are all equal. Every single one of us.

We can all be an inspiration in some small way and make this world a better place. By waking up in the morning, being kind to those who cross our paths (after a cup of coffee of course), doing a little extra to help someone in need or doing a little something extra to take better care of ourselves.
We get to be the every day heroes without doing very much at all. Just the basics is good enough. Be kind, caring, thoughtful and giving.
If we all start (or continue) doing just that, we can inspire future generations to do the same.
Isn’t that a fantastic thought?

Coffee-shop teble and chair

8 responses to “Inspiration

  1. Such a great post of sincere gratitude. I think it was you who recently wrote about a gratitude journal? I want to start doing that. I NEED to start doing that. So thanks for putting that thought in my head!
    You know, I was sort of talking about some of this with my therapist last week- about finding meaning and being able to help others and he reminded me of the starfish story? Where the guy comes along someone on a beach throwing starfish back into the ocean. He says to the other guy “Why are you bothering? There are too many! You can’t make a difference!” and as the second guy throws another starfish out into the ocean, he says “It made a difference to that one.”
    Probably not the most eloquent retelling of that story, but what you wrote really reminded me that small things can make a big difference, even if it’s to only one person. It matters. Thank you ❤


    • Thank you. 🙂 Yes it was me that wrote about a gratitude journal. It really makes the world of a difference.
      I LOVE the starfish story! It is SO bang on! I think we always need to try to remember that even if we only really touch or help mend ONE heart, we’ve lived a good life.
      I appreciate your words!

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  2. Thanks for the blog. I had visions of doing great things to help the world and in the past I made a difference in the life of children through my teaching. Now, I am not able to do that but realize I can make a difference in other ways. Thankfully I have found those ways. Grateful to remember that with your blog.


    • Thanks. It is hard when what we plan and where we put our energy doesn’t last for whatever reason. I have learned though that there are a million ways to make a difference though and lots of room for anyone who wants to take part. 🙂


  3. Thanks for being inspirational Heather. Your words inspire me . Thank you for taking the time and effort to write such a wonderful blog. 🙂


  4. Dancing butterfly

    You are inspiring my friend.
    And the grateful journal reminds us of the small but very valuable ways in which we can appreciate what is and be part of offering that inspiration to others. In whatever way. A smile holding a door listening to someone share their darkest places and offer a sense of comfort and safety to do so. Not flying around from building to building. Just small acts that can make the world of difference to some.


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