Be Wise

Be wise
There is one word you can call me that makes my heart sing. That word is wise. Not because I need to be flattered, told I am smart, or any other reasons than these…

To me, being wise is the sign of being strong.

  • It is the ability to think before you speak, and deliver words with kindness even if your first “automatic” reaction is to lash out in anger. Those words can never be taken back.
  • It is a wish for a better world with a very firm understanding that a better world begins with each of us. Want world peace? Be peaceful. Want to end world hunger? Feed someone in need. Wish that people still visited each other like we used to? Go visit someone. Think that people spend too much time texting and not paying real attention to each other? Put your phone down. It starts with us.
  • It is the ability to listen and actually hear what someone else is saying. Not to sit there waiting for them to shush up, talk over them, or guess what they are going to say so you can speak about whatever is on your mind. We have 2 ears and only one mouth. I think that was supposed to be a hint??? šŸ˜‰
  • It is having some sort of faith that things will work out and get better but also being willing to work your arse off to make that happen. I know many people who want better lives yet live the same day over and over again, 365 days a year. That’s just not how it works.
  • It is being a screw up at times and laughing at it rather than getting all worked up or angry. I’m telling you this, I make great big, shiny, bright, neon mistakes. They are as good as they get. I’ve done things that I could hang my head in shame over. I’ve hurt people, said the wrong thing at the wrong time, forgotten names, messed up whose husband is whose.Ā  I have peed myself in public, even had the runs once… OH GROSS!!!! I’ve allowed others to treat me with an incredible amount of disrespect, I’ve been so drunk that I’ve gone swimming in February (I’m Canadian – NOT smart)… but you know what? I am human. Beautifully flawed and occasionally incredibly messed up. It is all okay. Nobody’s perfect. Who would want to be perfect anyways? Have you ever met a perfect person? Was their name “Annoying As-all-heck”?
  • It is the ability to give and to get. This is one I really have to work on a lot. Giving comes very naturally but accepting help, compliments, or the gift of someone time is not nearly as easy. ~~~ “When we can give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” Maya Angelou.
  • Wisdom can be accepting that there are going to be bad things in this world. Horrible, despicable, inexcusable, disgusting, inhumane things and yet finding a way to see the sun, the flowers, the love, care and compassion of good people and accept that which one you spend more time looking at is a choice you get to make.
  • It can also be realizing and accepting that “justice” may never be found in our lifetime for the things done to us or others but being willing to start moving forward anyways. We may never get the apologies that we most absolutely deserve yet waiting for them can be a terrible waste of a better life that is awaiting us.
  • It is finding positives in the negatives even if you need to dig REALLY deep. The only positive at times might be that you learned a lesson or found out the truth about someone… but it is still a start.

I am sure it is many other things too. Wisdom really has no beginning or a real end. We get to shape it, mould it, and play with it as much as we like. We can also grow it to be as big and beautiful as we wish it to be. Enjoy your wisdom no matter how you obtained it.

6 responses to “Be Wise

  1. Great post! Really got me thinking. Certainly I would like to be called wise as well.


  2. Absolutely Wonderful Post!! Spot on!! šŸ™‚


  3. Reblogged this on Bohemian Nerd and commented:
    I love this!


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