There is this myth out there that evil looks much like this. Horrifying, shocking, and dark. I suppose that this is evil as well but the myth is that it is this obvious.

This is a bit tongue and cheek but I feel evil quite often looks far more like this.


I’ve been searching around the internet for a certain saying that I have often used but didn’t know where it came from. It is “Evil resides where good men do nothing.”. I know they say “men” but when I use it? I mean humankind. Gentlemen, ladies, teenagers, doctors, nurses, therapists, child protection workers, police, lawmakers, judges, news stations, newspaper editors…

I finally found the actual quote and it turns out that it has been around for a really long time. Edmund Burke was alive from 1729-1797 and did much writing in the middle of those years. I also found a few other quotes by very smart and famous men in our history that say very close to the same thing.


I agree with them all.
If we want to change the world that we live in, we need to speak out when we see an injustice. Speak for those who can’t. Speak for those who live in fear. Speak for those who have never felt compassion nor its strength.
Speak for yourself too when you can. You matter and what you have to say holds value.

4 responses to “Shhhhh….

  1. I am really committed to speaking for those who can’t speak but I find it hardest to speak up for myself. I have my whole life. Your post gave me a lot to think about! Thanks!


  2. My last two jobs were with Age Concern and an Advocacy Project. I had lots of training on how to speak up for people in need, and even organised the same training for volunteers. But when it comes to speaking up for myself? Hopeless! Perhaps some of that training could be used in schools? Although learning that what you say matters and having the courage to stand up against injustice is probably something that needs to be taught before a child ever gets to school…..great blog Heather.


    • Thank you Wendy! I think A LOT of mental health should be taught in schools. I actually have a blog next week about that. LOL I just made the picture for it last night.
      You also deserve to be stood up for and to stand up for your needs. Your wants, wishes and your needs are no less worthy of attention and consideration than anyone elses.


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