Be Gentle

The word gentle is found in the Oxford dictionary with the following meanings if used as an adjective..
Kind. Sensitive, Tender. Compassionate.Patient.

Being gentle with others is something most of us seem good at.
If someone does something wrong, we either don’t say anything at all as to not embarrass them or we gently explain the correct way to do it.
If someone is hurt, we show them compassion and understanding.
If someone is slow we are almost always patient (even if our insides are screaming HURRY UP!!!).

Now what if we shake things up and not think about being gentle to others but rather to ourselves?
When you make a mistake, do you beat yourself up for being so stupid?
When you do something wrong do you feel exasperated and assume that you will simply NEVER get things right?
If you are doing something too slowly for your own liking, do you get frustrated with yourself and try to push yourself to go faster even if you just can’t?

I personally offer compassion to mostly anyone. If others show up late, can’t do something they said they could, don’t feel up to talking or going out with me on a certain day, are triggered and need a good venting session? I am accepting and kind. If I did any of those things? I do not meet myself with the same kindness.

Maya Angelou had a quote that said “When you know better, do better”. The point being that we can not fault ourselves for things we do when we truly know no different. No better. When we learn more and understand more, we do better. We need to make this enough.

Can you imagine a day where you don’t put yourself down (even jokingly)?
What about a day with compassion for your own shortcomings?
How would it feel to celebrate all your positive traits?
Don’t try to tell me that you aren’t awesome. I know that you are.

So be a gentle, loving and kind person but be that to yourself as well as everyone else. Life is hard enough and there are more than enough things to bring us down. Our own selves shouldn’t be one of them.


7 responses to “Be Gentle

  1. Good to always get reminders about being gentle with yourself and that what you do will be enough. I cannot hear that enough. It is not rooted in me yet but I am certainly on my way. Thanks


    • Oh I need constant reminders too. ๐Ÿ™‚ This blog is as much for me to keep myself doing what I know I need to do to stay well as it is to share with others. Win-win right?
      Thanks for your comments!


  2. I was NOT brought up to praise myself, to “blow my own trumpet” or to make excuses for myself. Although I was brought up to be kind and patient with others, in those days it was very much the British “stiff upper lip” and “don’t be a baby”. I know I’m not alone – the 60’s and 70’s were only a couple of decades after the second World War, when the “stiff upper lip” served us very well. We are more enlightened these days, but it’s not easy to embrace new ways of viewing yourself when you have learned at an early age to be your own worse critic. It helps a great deal though when someone tells you it’s okay to be kind to yourself. Thank you Heather!xxx


    • I know the feeling Wendy. I was taught I wasn’t worthy of those things. It really doesn’t matter why you learned it though right? It is being gentle to ourselves NOW and teaching the next generation better. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Thanks for the reminder to always be gentle with ourselves. Its something I we don’t practice nearly enough. Am gonna try though to do it in the future. XXX


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