Thank You!

Happy Friday everyone!

I realized two days ago that I have jumped over the 200 readers mark. (140 here and 42 on Tumblr) I know that compared to many blogs I read, that is a drop in the bucket but I am beyond thrilled. I wanted to stop and take a few moments to thank each and every one of you.

I’ve shared biology lessons, self care ideas, poems, snippets from my life and on a couple of occasions, I have shared my darkest days. Through it all, I get the most wonderful comments both on the blog and privately. I really do not have words to express that gratitude I feel.

I started this hoping I could help others and I hope I am doing that but I never realized just how much help and support I woudl receive in return. This past week was a fine example of that. Having a lot of issues with my never ending mother saga and my youngest daughter suddenly moving out, I felt like I was going to go truly crazy. I was SO CLOSE to the edge. My husband was the first to help and also shared my suffering. It is his wife that is upset and his little girl left home on him too. Then my friend Mary talked me down off the ledge by offering me a chance to talk and then a chance to laugh. Last but absolutely not least was the ability to come in here, write a blog, spill my guts, and see it all written down to help make sense of it. Then the support began to just pour in! I might have spent Monday getting depressed, suicidal or worse but I was far too busy replying to all your encouraging comments, a few emails, a couple of calls and a good chat with my husband after we had calmed down.
This is not how the story would have gone a year or more ago. I would have just crashed. I had not built in enough supports yet.
It is still a very upsetting time of course but knowing that I am not alone has helped make the load far lighter to carry.

So thank you.
For reading my blog.
For being so supportive.
For caring and letting me know I matter.
I am a very fortunate woman to know each of you.

I hope that you all have the most lovely weekend!
Hugs from me. x x x


3 responses to “Thank You!

  1. dancing Butterfly

    Always Heather. Always.


  2. Hugs to you too Heather! Hope your weekend is good too!xxx


  3. Thank YOU Heather, for sharing your story and life with us all….I have no doubt you are helping many people with your thoughtful posts.


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