A Good Laugh

Happy Halloween to all who celebrate it! I hope that you enjoy the wee ones at your doors or in your arms.
As a family we love rats. We’ve had well over a dozen over the years. One of my most favourite days to have rats is Halloween. I put on a witch costume and put all the rats on my shoulders. When the trick-or-treaters come to the door, the rats will run right to them for a sniff. The first year that I did it, many were afraid but after that they made a point to come to my house and bring their friends to meet the rat lady. It’s okay. I’ve been called far worse. πŸ˜‰
This is a silly little thing I do every year but every time I think of it, I smile. I also get a great laugh when I let the kids hold the rats (they are a very durable and safe animal) while their parents squirm and make faces in my driveway.

This year is going to need to be a bit different. I’ve been very ill this week and the cause as of right now goes from a simple explanation right up to a life threatening one. I’m afraid. My husband is afraid too. All those who love me are trying very hard to be there in any way they can and I appreciate it so very much! I am in an uncontrollable amount of pain so I won’t be able to walk to the door or get back up the stairs but I can sit in a chair and still see the little cuties while my youngest daughter takes my tradition over for a year.

My reason for this post is that I learned something this week. I guess I always knew it but its tremendous importance did not really make it the whole way in to my brain. This week has been horrible. Doctors, hospitals, more tests than I can even count any longer. I am afraid and I am in pain but watching countless hours of funny television (more TV that I usually watch in a year for goodness sake) has helped to ease that worry and that pain. Even if only for a minute or two. It was a minute or two that I got a break. Sitting here writing a blog helps a bit because it distracts me but it just doesn’t have the same effect as a good laugh.

My prescription is easy. Just laugh. Even the biggest grumps have SOMETHING that tickles their funny bone. Even if it’s not what everyone else finds funny. Secretly… well it was a secret until now, I find motorcycle accidents hilarious. Not the ones where someone is badly hurt but the whole flying through the air and landing on their feet just makes me laugh. My husband says I have “issues”. It really doesn’t matter what makes you laugh, just take a break from your day, your worries, the every day stresses of your life and the problems that hang over you head and find a way to make yourself laugh.

Some ideas

  • Plunk “Funny” in to YouTube and you get countless options.
  • Watch a funny TV sitcom.
  • Read the “Laughter” section in the Readers Digest.
  • Buy a silly joke book and drive your friends crazy with your new jokes. Or just giggle to yourself.
  • Talk to someone who always makes you laugh. My favourite is… well I can’t really say on here but I will say she NEVER calls things by the right name and her choices are often hilarious.
  • Rent a funny movie.
  • Listen to a comic.
  • If you like her, watch Ellen on TV. She cracks me up and makes me smile.

Whatever you do just have a laugh. A little laughter each day will help you more than you know. It sure has been helping me!!!
Have a great weekend and I’ll see you again on Monday. πŸ™‚

6 responses to “A Good Laugh

  1. I love your posts more than any other blogs I have seen. My wife is in similar position as yourself. Your wit and practical advice is beautiful. Thank you so much!


  2. I really hope you will be okay Heather, and that your pain stops very soon. Yes, laughter is great therapy, and if it makes you feel better about your motorbike crash thing, mine is toilet humour! The awful diarrhea scene in Dumb and Dumber just creases me up every time! Take care of yourself Heather.xx


  3. My favorite go to funny tv is Arrested Development and Party Down. I hope the laughter helps and you are feeling better soon!


  4. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ill, but happy that you’ve found ways to keep your spirits up! I hope the sickness will pass soon!!


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