How about we all face something here?
We just can’t be at 100% all the time.
Am I right?

So how do you decide if where you are or what you are doing is good enough? Not perfect but good enough?

I have an 80-20 rule. Let me warn you though, I am not at all good with math so please don’t check my percentages. *laugh*


Let me explain the 80-20 rule…
If you plan to exercise 5 days a week and you “only” make it out 4 times? That’s 80% and truly good enough. Why beat yourself up over the 20%? It’s so insignificant.
If you are watching your weight and you eat well most of the week but then blow it while out to supper with a friend? 80-20. Good enough!
You’ve had a busy week and fulfilled most of your responsibilities then cancel a plan to go out with friends because you are just too tired? Let yourself off the hook. You did your 80%.
Go grocery shopping and get most of your list but forgot paper towel for the 3rd time this month? Give yourself credit for all you remembered and give yourself a break. NO ONE comes home with everything they planned to. Usually we come home with things we didn’t plan to and forgot to take the list in the first place. If you still manage to eat and take care of your needs for the week? You obviously didn’t forget anything THAT drastic.
If you are a creative person (this one hits close to home), and you are making/painting/stitching/writing something and you mess up one part of it? 80-20! Seriously, the only person who will notice is you. Let go of the idea of perfection. 80% IS perfection!

In the end it is all about giving ourselves a break. We can all still aim for that 100% but it just rarely happens. I think it’s high time to just accept that and be super pleased by your 80% achieved. You’ll be doing yourself, your mindset AND the people around you a favour.
Seriously there is NOTHING more annoying than a perfect person that knows everything is there? 😉

6 responses to “80-20

  1. Amen Heather!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your 80-20 rule! Though I have to admit that right now I’m getting more like 30-70, haha. But I have decided to be ok with that right now 🙂
    Great post!


  3. Great reminder not to worry so much!


  4. A very wise woman once told me that the word perfect should not exist. Nothing and no one is perfect. I think your 80-20 rule is wonderful.


  5. This is awesome. I love it. And I think I’m going to adopt this idea too! 80-20 =perfection! hahaha. xoxo Carol anne


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