The 4th flower.

I got another tattoo done on Monday. 🙂 All of my tattoo’s are meaningful to me but with each one I get, I feel completely differently about it because the meanings are so varied.
I can’t (won’t) show you my first 4 tattoos. Lets just say I was young and really stupid. You can just use your imagination. I still love them though even if they are a bit… well… young and stupid. *laugh*

On my left wrist I have this one.
At first I designed it to cover the cuts on my wrist and they are nearly unnoticeable now YAY!!! It was also designed to remind me to both “Stay” (stay present, stay alive) and “Stay Strong”. The tree bending but not breaking reminds me of my life. It is how I feel. A bit misshapen and off kilter at times but still firmly rooted and strong. The sprouting leaves are symbolic for rejuvenation.

On my right arm there is this one.
I chose an owl for the native Indian meaning “having the ability to see light through the darkness” and it is also a reminder for me to “stay wise”. Each leaf represents a Helper so there are 24 leaves and more can be added if needed. I now feel there is one more but won’t adjust the tattoo until I am positive.
The teal ribbon is the awareness ribbon colour for PTSD. DID and childhood sexual abuse. I didn’t want the typical ribbon though. I like to be different. 🙂

And now on my left leg there is this one.

The butterfly for me is a symbol of transformation. The fact that they literally wrap themselves in a tight and dark cocoon only to emerge as something far more beautiful than when they went in, just astounds me. It is done in reds for my January birthstone.
The books represent the writer in me but also offer me reminders. My life, my story and my voice really do matter and they always will. There are many days when I feel so useless and unimportant (just old messages replying in my head) and i need to remind myself regularly that I do matter.
The flowers are done for each of my children. To add the 4th is a huge mental and emotional shift for me. .
The first 3 are for my children who’ve I spoken about before in my blog. My December girl, February boy and September girl. The 4th flower is done in March colours for a baby that was taken from me when I was a very young girl. I will discuss this more in my next post but for today, just including him in to the group that I consider “my children” is huge for me. He was a secret loss for decades.
So… the flowers are for all 4 of my children. My two girls and my 2 boys.
With much love for all. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

7 responses to “The 4th flower.

  1. I have lots of tattoos and many of them have resembling meanings to yours 🙂 I have the word “je be regrette rien” to cover some scars. And to avoid making new ones lol! But seriously, getting ink on places I used to cut has really helped me resist urges to continue self harming.

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  2. Beautiful. Love them all and the meanings they hold for you. Thanks for sharing them 🙂

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  3. You told me what and where your first tattoos are Heather – thanks for not sharing on your blog LOL! ; ) These three are beautiful and so well-executed; my two nieces had tattoos done after my sister died, and they are not great, to be honest. You’ve put a lot of thought and research into yours – they are unique and mean something to you. I’m still deciding what and where my first tatt will be!xxx

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  4. oh gosh…i have a lot to talk to you about in email because so much of your last two posts have significance to me. I love your tattoos…there is one i really want but have been too chicken so far, i’m afraid of the pain lol but hopefully i will pluck the courage up one day. Yours have so much meaning, they are super 🙂


    • It’s not really all that painful but it depends on where you get it. There are actually charts online that rate the pain level of each area. Basically, any area that is right on bone is going to hurt a lot more than an area with a layer of fat. Go for it. 😉

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